Yuima encompasses 13,460 acres (21 square miles) which includes the following lands in Pauma Valley:

  • District owned watershed land - 1,126.77 acres (encompassing Assessor Parcel Nos. 132-270-42 (645.70 acres); 132-100-17 (481.07 acres); and 32.31 acres of other District owned lands.
  • Wilderness Garden area - 679.1 acres.
  • Indian Reservation land - 564.85 acres. Reservations include Yuima Reservation and Pala Mission Tribes.
  • Taxable lands - 10,271 acres. Yuima’s taxable acreage consists of approximately 986 parcels.
  • Zero value & non-taxable parcels – 690.67 acres. These include easement parcels, churches, community center, open space easements, homeowners associations, state owned lands, and Pauma Elementary School.

The District encompasses several mutual water companies:

  • Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company which has an area of approximately 1,105 acres.
  • Rancho Estates Mutual Water Company (Adams Drive area) which has an area of 490 acres upon which 416 shares of stock are issued.
  • Lazy H Mutual Water Company (Lazy H Drive area) which has an area of approximately 35.4 acres.
  • Pauma Ridge Mutual (West of Adams Drive) which has an area of approximately 453.73 acres.
  • Rincon Oaks Water Service (Water Mountain Ranch area) formed with CC&R's on deeds which encompass an area of approximately 294 acres.
  • Three Party Water Company (Borden/Hegardt/Borden properties) formed with CC&R's which encompass an area of approximately 100 acres.

The District also encompasses two community services districts:

  • Rincon Ranch Road Community Services District - road district.
  • Pauma Valley Community Services District - sewer and security services in the vicinity of the Pauma Valley Country Club area.

The District's boundaries are adjoined by Mootamai Municipal Water District (401.8 acres), Pauma Municipal Water District (4,323 acres), and Valley Center Municipal Water District to the West. Palomar Mountain State Park is 16 miles from the District, and the Famous Wilderness Gardens is located in the District together with the renowned Pauma Valley Country Club (Club).

The area is unique in many ways due to its varying elevations, private water companies and high rate of irrigation.


Yuima Municipal Water District