Water Supply

Water Supply

Prior to Yuima’s formation in 1963, the sole source of water was the San Luis Rey River’s Pauma Groundwater Basin. Following a period of drought extending back to 1949, coupled with increased agricultural water demands, the water table fell drastically and overdrafts of the underlying Pauma Groundwater Basin lowered groundwater levels as much as 85 feet, forcing the abandonment of some wells and giving rise to increased pumping costs.

The drought also led to a stipulated judgment in the case of Strub et al. vs. Palomar Mutual Water Company. This judgment limited Palomar Mutual to withdrawal of no more than 1,350 acre-feet per year from wells in the Pauma Groundwater Basin (below 1,000 ft above mean sea level and upstream of Cole Grade Road) for use on the lands it served. After annexing Palomar Mutual in 1964, Yuima became successor in interest to Palomar Mutual and continues to operate the former Palomar Mutual system and properties (now known as Improvement District A) as an independent water system (California State System No. 3700938). Yuima is responsible for administering IDA’s compliance with Strub et al., which however does not affect or bind the 60% of the District which is outside of IDA and which operates under a separate system permit (System No. 3701408).

Voters approved the sale of general obligation bonds in 1963 concurrently with the annexation of the District to both the San Diego County Water Authority (“Water Authority”) and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) in order to receive imported water. These bonds were paid off in 1989.


Yuima Municipal Water District