Serving Quality Water


Yuima is served off the First Aqueduct, Pipeline No. 1 near Couser Canyon Road in Valley Center just north of Lilac Tunnel and receives treated water from Lake Skinner. Our water operators communicate with the Authority and make delivery requests twice daily following our estimated flow demands in excess of our local water delivery ability. Because these connections can access only treated water supplies from the Skinner Treatment Plant, Yuima’s total access to imported water is affected by the capacity limitations of Skinner, which has operated recently at or near its design capacity.

Today Yuima serves 13,460 acres through over 44 miles of water main, 25 producing wells, 10 storage tanks, 2 Ag only reservoirs, and 9 pump stations.

If you are in need of water service or have any questions about our facility operations please call our District office at (760) 742-3704.


Yuima Municipal Water District